Things I Want To Try

Happy Friday everyone,

Lately I’ve been pinning a lot on Pinterest and I came across a view things that I would love to try out.

1. Β Two tone lip color.ed5dfa64be1cd09bbb439fe42b09fc49

Photo via Pinterest

I think this color would look really good on me. Besides it’s spring anyway, so why not.

2. Rose apple piebc278424108b48821d2a08343f38f16c

Photo Via Pinterest

This is soooo cute! I don’t cook much but because of the rose presentation, I must try to recreate this. Hopefully it will taste good as it looks. lol.

3. Polka dot nails.c51da47d96ee872e97e52540d196a31f

Photo Via Pinterest

I’ve been wanting to try acrylic nails for sometime now, but it one of those things that I put off till when I get around to it. Seeing this polka dot nail art on Pinterest, I would love to try it on round tips. I just might treat myself for my birthday since it is less than a month away.

and lastly getting my drivers licencesIMG_20140312_111245

This has nothing to do with Pinterest, but I have been putting off learning how to drive for the longest. I shared this photo on my Instagram of me learning how to drive. My brother was cool enough to take me out for my 1st driving experience and I did pretty good for my 1st try he said (that’s why I was cheesing so hard). So, I’ve decided that I going to learn how to drive and get my licences. Wish me luck as I try to get it this year.

Well that was some of the things on my to do list. Do you have anything that you want to do or try?



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