Happy New Year

Daniela Tabois Happy New Year11Last year I felt very uninspired to do a “reflect” post of the high moments of 2013. 2013 for me was different from 2012 where I was dealing with family health issues and pursuing my dreams at the same time.  2013 came with financial set backs. I had a constant battle with myself on having faith when things weren’t going so good. If I gained something positive, I would be strike with something bad. A case of one step forward and two steps back. So… after trying to be strong for so long I broke down and shed my tears of release. I sat in my puddle of tears for sometime thinking about how far I’ve come and even though it’s not where I want to be in the moment, there are lessons to be learned.  I remembered a quote I came across by Elizabeth Taylorccc473b96d7e15599b113c3480d2b67c Photo via Pinterest

and that I did.

As I look back. I’m very proud of myself for taking the leap towards my dream. It amazes me how much I went though to get to this point whether I like it or not I still have to get up, be present and keep pushing. It is very important to acknowledge failures and set backs as part of the learning process. Its part of the success story and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am very thankful to god for my close family and friends that support me. That support system have really carry me though some tough times.

Lastly I thank you for letting me share my love for fashion. As we begin the New Year I wish you love, happiness and much success in chasing your dreams. I leave you with one of my many favorite quotes8c47df8076e73e1abf51ec2868cb99d6Photo via Pinterest

Welcome 2014.



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