Answers To Your Questions

Happy holidays Everyone!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Down below i’m answering your questions you left me in my previous video. Please bare with the video, it may be long but it is very informative.


-Are you a full time Fashion Designer? If not, what us your other job?(00:15)
-What inspires you?(1:39)
-What inspires your designs and design choices?(1:39)
-Did you always want to be a Designer? What about when you were little?(2:39)
(Update I forgot to mention at age 5 to 10 years old an artist, singer, veterinarian, lawyer, construction worker, and post women. I know Random)
-Who are your favorite Fashion Designers(3:52)
-Did you finish Design school?(5:04) Yes.
-How to get a job(6:02)
-If you could dress a celebrity for the red carpet event, who would be your top 3 picks?(8:01)
-What do you think about fashion shows(9:44)
-Are you only interested in designing/dying clothes and accessories? What about home designing?(11:50)



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