Summer Inspirations

Happy Monday,

This week I’m doing  DIY swimwear here on the blog/YouTube. I’m taking my old one piece bathing suits and redesigning them into something new. Can’t wait to share since it’s a hot summer DIY request on YouTube. In the mean time, here are some of my summer inspirations.74272d5a4dc5c47a0ccf1c7e52f6077c2a9a6bfd997e436548a74c291ada891c9225da42e8a180a174d2f8951d61973ac115d1a5ec888a9534ff6ec130bd6bb96d23968f380b18d072110b51f1f6bc8d8f98782e77419d5deaa5e53a100a28fe452531751a4c4cf04d7a5d32f8f12847e1fca4aa4737ecef56c352371697d0c4d3a7fc61e0313e16bc4945c381dec96103080503067e07605a40de898b334e436f4db7583821db3db5667be6b3fa91f45768bc8e8647f83ff601bbf10b55ec76d113f27dbbd74c03690de33f8b5bcdda4599cfea52ed1ca61fa8eaa1a9f53c68Photos via Pinterest

 Ahhh… I wish I could be a beach bum all summer long. Have a great day and stay tuned.



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