New Design:Blue Lace Flared Leg Jumpsuit

Daniela Tabois Flared Jumpsuit10 Daniela Tabois Flared Jumpsuit4 Daniela Tabois Flared Jumpsuit7 Daniela Tabois Flared Jumpsuit6 Daniela Tabois Flared Jumpsuit8 Daniela Tabois Flared Jumpsuit9 Daniela Tabois Flared Jumpsuit5 Daniela Tabois Flared Jumpsuit11Photo taken by Nico Dawson

Jumpsuits are one of my favorite styles to design. I think it’s the most easiest thing to wear. The fact that it is a pants suit makes it more convenient to hide thoseΒ unshaven legs days (which occurs from time to time). But most of all, the feeling of being comfortable while enjoying yourself at that social event is a plus in my book. So..Β do you have any jumpsuits and how do you feel about them?

For this one click here



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