Is DIY’s The Latest Trend?

gedc0191Happy March 1st Everyone,

Wow its March already, can you believe it? How are your New Years resolutions coming along??

I want to bring up a topic about DIY’s. I was having dinner with my fashion industry girlfriend last night and during our conversation DIY’s came up. She said “people are not spending money these days or they want more for a lot less.” “If you can’t afford it, do it yourself.” As a Designer I never looked at that way. I’ve always been a creator/craftier since I was 13 and DIY’s for me means to create things that I can’t find anywhere else. I love the feeling when someone askΒ me where did you get that, it’s so original. When I got a little older I wanted to take it more seriously and create artful pieces and went to school to get a better understanding of what it takes. Since I love to create,Β DIY’s, it will always be a favorite of mines. If you are a DIY person, why do you do it and What does it mean to you?

P.s I going to post my Fabulous Friday DIY later on today! Be on the look out. Follow theΒ Fanpage or blog to keep up to date.



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