Personal Post: Two Years Natural

Happy Friday Everyone,

Hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day yesterday. As for me, I celebrated my hair of being 2 years natural. I’m really not into the whole natural hair movement, but this year I wanted to take the time out (since I missed last year) to stop and look at how far my hair has come. If you have followed this blog from the beginning, I started with a little fro and often wished my hair was the length that it is now. Honestly it really wasn’t necessary because most of the time I wore it up or in two braids. My journey has thought me at a lot and I’m glad I made the right decision for my hair. I look forward to see where it will be next year.

If you just started your hair journey, just embrace the length that it is right now. Keep in mind where you want it to be in a few years, but enjoy it at your stage now.  When you look back, you will appreciate it.

Daniela Hair Anniversary Daniela Hair Anniversary4 Daniela Hair Anniversary3 Daniela Hair Anniversary2


My big chop 2/14/11.



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