New Design: A Touch Of Fur

Happy Friday Everyone,

Pardon me for the lack of post, January has been one busy month.  Though January is gone and February is here, I wanted to post the last design styles for the month of January. So.. lets proceed shall we.Daniela Tabois Black Fur Skirt1Daniela Tabois Satin Puff Sleeve Blouse Daniela Tabois Black Leather Fur Skirt

Daniela Tabois Black Fur Skirt2Daniela Tabois Black Fur Skirt3 Daniela Tabois Black Fur Skirt4 Daniela Tabois Black Fur Skirt5Daniela Tabois Black Fur Skirt6Daniela Tabois Black Fur Skirt7 Daniela Tabois Black Fur Skirt8

Photos Taken by Nico Dawson

I don’t know how the weather is in your town, but here in NYC its been freezing.  Due to the cold weather I had the sudden the urge to design something with fur. I knew I didn’t want to design the “traditional fur coat” I wanted to use fur in a different way and decided to design this leather faux fur skirt that is feminine and flirty.  I also designed the green blouse with puff sleeves for a feminine touch. As you can see the skirt gives a bit of texture to the look.

For this skirt click here. For the top click here

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