{Holiday Nail Inspirations}


Hey Guys,

So you may or may not know, I love a fabulous nail design. I’ve been debating with myself if I should try round tips. Though I have nice nails, they are currently short and uneven to create the look I’ve always wanted. My only problem with tips is when you remove them, your nails are weaken :-/. What do you think? I should go for it right? Well, while I decide if I should try them for the new year. I’ve consumed some of my favorite nail designs down below for the holidays from myΒ Pinterest.Β 117586240242731209_EPc6PE58_c 42362052716349252_TneFF1V4_c 177751516514575417_nuD3KY1G_c 108719778476239690_u7syJ1pf_c 177751516514575445_GPwAcG88_c Velvet Nails 015thumbnail 177751516514407855_rruv9iFc_c 211317407486826983_C7bDqEgI_c



Which one is your fav?



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