The Sidewalk Is Your Runway

Happy Friday,

Are you ready for the holidays?! I know I am, which brings me to my latest design.  This week’s new design is a Red Wool Peplum Jacket. I think during the cold winter season, people want to look and be fashionably warm. Wearing an interesting jacket or coat showcases your personality and sense of style, since no can see your outfit underneath. Lets face it.. who doesn’t want to show off their sense of style. Down below you can see the fun little twist I created for my peplum jacket. Daniela Tabois Peplum Jacket 1

Daniela Tabois Peplum Jacket 2

Daniela Tabois Peplum Jacket 3

Daniela Tabois Peplum Jacket 4

Daniela Tabois Peplum Jacket 5

Daniela Tabois Peplum Jacket 6Photos taken by Nico Dawson

Does your outerwear speaks your personality? For this jacket shop here.



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