Color and Texture Inspirations

It amazes me how far the internet has come. I remember in design school when we would research inspirations for our projects.  We would HAVE to go to the library to research photos at the references area, look on the internet, and magazines. What I didn’t like about that experience was, everything was outdated and time-consuming.  It was hard to find pictures that well represented our design mood. There weren’t many options as we have today. I love the fact with just a click, I can search tons of photos that are freshly new and create my own archives that really capture the essences of my design mood.  On another note, with everything being so advance and fast paced today. I stop going to the library. Am I the only one?  But anyway (I’m writing to much). Down below are some of things that are inspiring my design mood for my SS13 SS14 Collection.

Photos via Pinterest
Have a nice weekend 🙂

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