{Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection Lookbook-“Pulchra Mulier”}


The AW/2012 Collection-“Pulchra Mulier”{A Beautiful Woman} is influence by Spain’s traditional spanish dressing. Looking towards a range of subjects such as traditional spanish dresses, bullfighter suits, jewelry and art. I was able to take back elements and come up with concepts that captured the essences of Spain’s spanish traditions. Designing this collection, I wanted to keep the silhouettes modern. I used silks, wools, embellishments, and more to help create the feel and look of beauty. The color story of the collection ranges from pale pinks to black that best showcase signs of feminine strength. In all, A beautiful woman is as beautiful as she feels. 
Photos Taken: Yours truly
Models: Marsha Laose
          Holly Dortch
Photo Edit: Yours truly
Styling: Yours Truly, Samiyyah Williams, and Nico Dawson


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