Fashion Show For Empowering Young Women

Happy Monday everyone!

It’s been a while since my last blog post. I’m currently working on my fall 2012 collection and I’m very excited about it, that I can’t wait to share it! But any whoo, last week my friend asked me if I could help her with a fashion show she was putting on for her community to help empower young girls. I thought it was a good idea to help young girls feel confident in their self as they grow because it hard growing up looking different from other girls and being made fun of because your different. I know 1st hand all about that! So the show was about having fun and showing these girls to be proud of yourself and not let no one tell you other wise. Checkout behind the scenes of snapshots of what Nico and I took.Then the girls also did all white segment of their style.

Nico and I having fun.

Then the girls also did a personal style segment.

Cute look!

Snapshots of the fashion taken byΒ Eddie del ValleOverall I have a fun time and the girls enjoy their self. Have a great day!



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