Free Flowing

Hi Guys,

Hope you had a wonderful week so far.  As for me, it has been one busy week! Which is why this post is late. Earlier this week I showed you a snap shot of a detail of a style I was working on. In the middle of designing, I decided to do a different style since spring is finally here!

Photos by: Nico Dawson

I designed this high/low hem crinkle silk chiffon skirt with a contrast blue waistband and matching skirt lining for that pop of color. Spring is all about the wonderful weather that make you want to put on your light weight soft pastel clothing. I don’t know if it’s just me, but spring makes me want to wear clothing that I feel beautiful in and with a high/Low hem skirt, I feel like I’m flowing in the spring breeze.  Are you wearing High/Low hem skirts this spring season??



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