Happy New Year With Love Ones

Happy New Year Everyone! Hope you brought in the new year with people you love. I spent my new year indoors celebrating with my family.  It was the most fun I had and a great way to enter the new year. I wore my all time favorite red blazer that I made when I was in school(which is about 6yrs old). I paired it with my lace blouse and my pleated floral skirt. Since it was my 1st time hosting a new years gathering at my home. I went for glam look and decorated in a black, sliver, gold accents.  It was a fun and everyone enjoyed themselves which mattered to me the most. For my new years resolution, It is sticking to my game plan that I have for my brand. I have a list of  new ideas and ways for me to try to get the brand to the next level this year. No matter what the turnout may be I know I stuck to my plan and did the best that I could. I also want to thank you all you for coming and taking the time to read my blog.  This is a journey for me and a learning process as well and I hope you continue to come back for the ride to my goal. Do you have any resolutions for this year? If so what are they?



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