(Weekend Post) Shopping Versace For H&M


So yesterday I woke up @ 4:30 am to head out to H&M for the Versace collection. My experience for this was half and half. So let me explain. I got to the store line @ 6:12 am due to my long commute from Brooklyn. At 7:45am we got our color coded wristband for the time we could shop the women’s collection(I was in group 9:45-10:00 am). When the store opened@ 8:00 am people were running in to start shopping. They allow the men to shop the men’s collection with out a wristband, thinking that men were more civil when it comes to shopping.  Boy they were wrong! They pushed, yanked and snatched items from the racks and walls. when I saw this I was like “NO WAY I’m out of here”. I headed over to the women’s area for the collection. It seemed organized, maybe too organized. When your group was allowed to shop. They assigned a sales associate to each person to assist you while shopping.  I thought this was a good idea at the time but I had seemed to forget that I was supposed to move quickly and pick up my item as fast as possible. Instead I directed my sales associate on helping me pick out my sizes.  Example “Hi can I have two sizes in this style and two sizes in that style”.  By the time I reached to my final item, It was gone(shaking my head).  So I went to try on the items I got. Some of the items I did not like the fit and others I needed the next size up. I asked my sale associate politely if she could kindly get me the next size up and she informed me that she couldn’t go back into the area once we left. Well that sucks! I ended up getting the round chain link choker necklace.  Check out the pics I manage to snap!

The scene at the flagship store.  Maybe next time I try a different location. Overall it was ok. I made out with one item and saved money. I love my Choker!  What do you think?  Did you go shopping? 

Stay tune for next week Item of the week!

Lata fashion lovers!


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