Hey Fashionistas,

Happy Monday. Yesterday I was in deep thought about myself as a Fashion Designer. I’ve always dreamed of owning my own business one day since I was 13.  I have been seriously taking the necessary steps towards reaching my goal and boy I tell ya, It has been a difficult journey. Now… I know that passion = success and it takes time and patience to succeed. Nothing comes easy and you have to believe in yourself.  But I find that in my journey as a Designer when you are actually doing and trying to get the ball rolling. It just seems impossible.  I have struggled with myself on many occasions about whether I should continue on pursuing my dream due to issues I face such as 1: Trying to get myself out there by contacting stores, stylist, magazines, and more but to receive no response. 2: Not knowing anyone or not knowing how to network(I have no clue on where to begin in this area). 3: Lack of funds which is one of many reasons why emerging designers can’t succeed due to lack of funding to start-up and lets face it, from what I’ve learned about the industry.  It is about who you know and if you have the financial means to hang. I feel that talent can go so for and then there is the business side of it. Even though I face these issues. I continue to work on my craft because I have a passion for it. I just can’t see myself doing anything else satisfying. So in conclusion if you are a Designer who’s dealing with these issues. You are not alone.  All you can do is research information, keep working hard on making  your craft better and most importantly keep believing.

Till next time

Lata fashion lovers


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