Ocean Breeze

Hey Fashionistas,

It’s a bright sunny day today in NYC! I’m going to head out to enjoy the weather and while doing so. I will be visiting couple of  boutiques to see if I can get my line into them.  But 1st as we are in the final month of summer and everything in the retail stores have transitioned over into pre-fall/back to school.  I’m not just not ready for fall yet. I still want to enjoy the warm weather and I’m feeling crafty. I brought some fabric a long time ago and wanted to use it for a dress or a skirt or something. 

I really love the vibrant colors of this print.  So I decided to make a summer dress that is comfortable, cute, and can be worn out during the day and/or at night-time.  Once I was complete. I headed to Rockaway beach(which I hardly go to) in my new dress!

I made this dress with a high/low front and back hem finish with a center front pleat detailing. I also added a pleated front and back loose panel at the top bodice to tie everything in.


Had a great time at the beach. Sunglasses: H&M.

Thanks for all the great pics Nico!

Till Next time.

Later fashion lovers


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