So 2 Faced

Hey Fashionistas,

Its been a while since I had the time to pamper myself. So I decided to do my nails and share. Today I’m attending a business class and I want to make sure my nails look good just in case I shake someones hand.. Never know (with the side look).  So if you want these nails

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Nail polished used as follows: Base Coat by Nailene, Top Coat by O.P.I, Black Shatter by O.P.I,  Black by Jordana, and Blank by Duri.  You can use any colors you like. I’m going for a black and white look.

1st: Start off with clean nails and apply your base coat.

This helps to keep your nail polish color lasting longer and not cause stain to your nails.

2nd: Apply two coats of white polish on one half of your nail.


3rd: Apply 2 coats of black on the other half of nail.


It will look like this when you are finish. It’s up to you if  you like this look. But I’m going to keep going.

4th: Choose a finger that you want to apply the shatter polish on. I choose the ring finger.  When applying the Shatter polish brush the polish sideward instead of brushing from top to bottom. It will give you a more broken brick look.

you can choose to apply the shatter polish to all your nails..(which would look cool). I decided to stop here.

Last: Seal your nails with your top coat and your done. Have fun!

Hope you guys like it! Till next time.

Lata fashion lovers


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