Spring/Summer 2012 Collection (Wave Romance)

Hey Fashionistas,

About a month ago I shot my Spring/Summer  2012 Collection called Wave Romance.  Why so early??  Well in the fashion industry we (Fashion Designers) work a year ahead.  Every thing that you see in the stores now were thought out a year ago and to us Designers it is old.   So we brainstorm, research the market and trends and come up with new ideas that are fresh to the consumer for the next year.  Another reason Designers work a year ahead is for mass production.  It takes time for goods(garments) to be made, so a year would allow a season of garments to be made and shipped to stores on time.  As for me, Im a no known designer that don’t even have funding to do production but I have a passion and if  I want to compete against those big guys.  My work has to be good!  At least thats how I see it.  So I created a small collection (11 looks) based on what I think the next season spring/summer trends is going to be. With this collection I want to send it out to a couple of boutique stores that I feel the collection would best fit in.  Im not trying to reach for the big stores cause again I have no funding.  Along with this I will try to send it to bloggers, stylist and publications in hopes of  someone or anyone would be interested in my work.  Everything that you see is all hand made by me and I thank God for my talent and hope he will continue to help me to get where I want to go.  So check it out!!

for a complete view of the collection visit www.danielatabois.com

Photographer: Ricky Kim

Photographer Assistant: Fletcher Lawrence

Model: Meron Kibret

Make-up: Mamizu

Hairstylist: Felicia Nelson

Designer Assistant: Nico Dawson

Till next time

Lata Fashion Lovers


One thought on “Spring/Summer 2012 Collection (Wave Romance)

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