What does Eyes Of A Couturier mean?

Hey There,

To my 1st blog post ever! I want to share… What does Eyes Of A Couturier Mean? Well I will explain. The name “Couturier” mean Fashion Designer in French and “Eyes Of A” mean how I view fashion.  It all started yr ago. I was invited to an event and someone asked me” what do you do for a living”?  Now most ppl would answer “I am a or I do bah bal bah”, but in my case my response was “oh I work in the  fashion industry(paused) but design on my own time”.  Big mistake!  Not only did I lose the  interest of the person I was talking to. I felt I let my self down by not being firm about what I do. I’m a Fashion Designer. So how was I going to remember that next time…  I decided I’m going to wear it. I went out and got a name bracelet and spelled Fashion Designer in French.



I wear it all the time and this just helps to remind me to be confident in what I love to do.


“So never be afraid to share your talent to the world”    Till next time.

Lata Fashion Lovers

P.S.  Thanks to my good friend/Assistant Nico for helping me come up with the name.


6 thoughts on “What does Eyes Of A Couturier mean?

  1. thebeautifulaccidents says:

    What a wonderful start. I am also an up and coming designer. We should swap links? I love your designs. I get my first industrial JUKI sewing machine in 2 weeks!!!!! I am so excited!

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