Welcome To My Design Space

Hi Guys,

Hope all is well. I’ve been away focusing my attention towards my bridal collection and RTW line. You can follow me on Instagram for updates. What brought me back is, I’ve decided to turn this blog into my diary. I will share my thoughts about fashion design and more. I can’t guarantee updates often but I will come back time to time to share some of my life experiences. To start… I’ve made a video sharing my design space. I talk about how creative I can be with what I have now, while working on building my empire. Watch below


{Style Tip} How To Measure Your Body

body measurements 2Happy Monday Guys,

From my experience of selling my designs online. I’ve come across some people who don’t know their body measurements or even know how to take them. Well to help with this problem, I’m sharing with you all 4 basic measurements that I need when you order my designs or from any other handmade design shop. Check below a video made to fix this problem.

Happy Holidays!